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This form is being adapted from Issuepedia.

<echo raw now><form action="/Special:MakePage" target=newpage method=POST></echo>
Date: <echo raw now><input name=date></echo> ⇐ YYYY-MM-DD
Link: <echo raw now><input name=url size=80></echo> ⇐ URL
Source: <echo raw now><input name=source size=60></echo> ⇐ source site/organization (optional)
Author: <echo raw now><input name=author size=60></echo> ⇐ author's name (optional)
Link title: <echo raw now><input name=linktitle size=60></echo> ⇐ headline
Page title: <echo raw now><input name=pagetitle size=60></echo> ⇐ simplified headline
  • ^ for wiki page title and category sorting
Topic tags: <echo raw now><input name=topic_tags size=80></echo>
  • ^ use SMW markup, e.g. [[topic::topic page title]] [[topic::title of another topic page]]
Summary: <echo raw now><textarea name=textShort rows=3></textarea></echo>
Commentary (optional): <echo raw now><textarea name=text rows=8></textarea></echo>

<echo raw now><input type=hidden name=!TPLTPAGE value=project:forms/v3/news/template></echo> <echo raw now><input type=hidden name=!TITLETPLT value="[$date$]/[$pagetitle$]"></echo> <echo raw now><input type=submit value=Preview> <input type=reset value="-clear-"></echo> <echo raw now></form></echo>