Needed techniques

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  • how to run reliable broadband internet between houses, both wireless and wired
    • legal issues with using "right of way" to run
    • how to set up services (e.g. DNS) so that network can continue functioning as an intranet if internet access is cut, and to minimize transitional awkwardness
  • techniques for long-distance network connectivity, e.g. IP over shortwave, tight-beam WLAN dishes
  • battery banks, care and feeding of
    • are some types of batteries better for use as UPSs?
    • how to get 240vac
    • how to set up house power to use the batteries, so no plugs have to be swapped when power goes out
    • how to determine charge level
    • volt/amp sensors with digital interfaces
    • OpenUPS may be helpful for monitoring battery banks. "Open" refers to the interface; the hardware seems to be proprietary.
  • solar power: basic techniques
  • how to monitor power usage on a per-device basis
    • is there a gadget to report power usage in digital form, preferably via wireless?