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<hide> <let save name=debate-point-summary>There is a difference between harassment and justifiable criticism. </let> <let save name=debate-point-parent>Exhibits/debate/points/Woozle/2016/05/19/170102</let> <let save name=debate-point-type>inf</let> <let save name=debate-point-details>Also, unless the phone calls can be tied to known Bernie supporters, I'm not sure this is germane to the debate.

Additionally, I'd argue that whether she received harassing phone calls or not is moot on scale. It is terrible, it is deplorable, but it is not a defining characteristic of the Sanders campaign despite the gaslighting and the false narratives being pushed (with some expertise) as the "conventional wisdom" echo chamber.</let> <let save name=debate-point-req-all val="" /> </hide><exec mod=debate-mw func=ShowDebateData />