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<hide> <let save name=debate-point-summary>"The arational nature of the symbolism that Catholics attribute to the eucharist does not mean that others should be able to violate those symbols with impunity." In other words, PZ's request is a violation of the rules of larger society, not just religious rules.</let> <let save name=debate-point-parent>Exhibits/debate/roots/Woozle/2015/09/27/1726</let> <let save name=debate-point-type>pro</let> <let save name=debate-point-details>

Original Text

Eucharists are personal property belonging to the church and it is the church's right to dispose of them with whatever conditions it chooses. The wafers are given out for the specific purpose of consumption in the Communion ceremony; using one in any other way after having been given it in this context is a violation of that agreement, and is therefore illegal. </let> </hide><exec mod=debate-mw func=ShowDebateData />