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<hide> <let save name=debate-point-summary>Supporters of science and evolution would feel comparably distraught if a well-known creationist issued a request to his followers to get hold of a copy of Darwin's original notebooks, by whatever means, so that the creationist could deface or destroy them.</let> <let save name=debate-point-parent>Exhibits/debate/points/Woozle/2015/09/28/1641</let> <let save name=debate-point-type>pro</let> <let save name=debate-point-details>Our feeling of loss if this were to happen would not be due solely to the material or rational worth the notebooks might have; it would be due in large part to the feeling of emotional and intellectual connection through those notebooks.</let> <let save name=debate-point-req-all val="" /> </hide><exec mod=debate func=ShowDebateData />