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<hide> <let save name=debate-point-summary>Despite the title, the video he cites as evidence does not appear to show any violence.</let> <let save name=debate-point-parent>Exhibits/debate/points/Woozle/2016/05/19/163142</let> <let save name=debate-point-type>con</let> <let save name=debate-point-details>It looks like maybe someone has lost a contact lens on the floor, or perhaps isn't feeling well. You can hear what sounds like someone calling for a medic on the PA, but that may or may not be connected. There are no sudden moves visible, and no loud sounds audible (other than the general loudness of the background hubbub and the PA announcement).

The title of this video seems like a deliberate lie; I can't see how anyone could legitimately conclude that it depicts violence.</let> <let save name=debate-point-req-all val="" /> </hide><exec mod=debate-mw func=ShowDebateData />