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<hide> <let save name=debate-point-summary>This claim appears to be entirely based on a still from this tweeted video.</let> <let save name=debate-point-parent>Exhibits/debate/points/Woozle/2016/05/19/163828</let> <let save name=debate-point-type>pro</let> <let save name=debate-point-details>Source:

  • 2016-05-18 The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a Riot "Davey first said he had still frames showing the chair throwing which he would publish. He has not produced the stills in question, but did retweet a still image of a chair held high that was initially posted on Reddit. I spoke with the person who posted it to Reddit and confirmed that it was grabbed from the video now widely seen which shows that other Sanders supporters quickly took away the chair in question. I asked Davey by Twitter if he still had photos to publish, then criticized him for retweeting the Reddit image instead. He blocked me."
    • The article does not link to the retweet of the still image, but this -- which was retweeted by Davie with the text "Hey, Berniebot chair-throwing truthers: It happened. People saw it, inc. one journo who was there and reported it." -- appears to be it.</let>

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