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LinkFerret is a system for crowdsourced tagging and commenting on external articles in such a way as to gradually build a library of information and commentary on a wide variety of topics. It may also be usable as a blogging system; I am still exploring how it will work in order to determine if this makes sense. I'm thinking that it could be a good replacement for the pre-Google+ version of Google Reader.

Status: design phase


  • user features:
    • tag URLs using:
      • keywords (non-normalized nomenclature)
      • site-specific categories (normalized nomenclature)
      • common information such as title, posting date, author, etc.
      • relationship to other URLs (e.g. if one article is commentary on another)
      • user ratings, in multiple dimensions (validity of reasoning, validity of facts, quality of writing, agreement with conclusions...)
      • "channel" - to which other users may subscribe
    • add user commentary
    • multi-user threaded discussion
    • feed reader:
      • import/export OPML
    • subscribe to other users' posts:
      • include or exclude specific channels
      • include or exclude unspecified channels
      • digest or individual posts
        • selectable interval for digests
      • keep track of which posts you have read
    • UI:
      • enter new links/posts
        • enter links to additional commentary
        • bulk entry of multiple links from text file/paste
      • search existing links
      • view all posts attached to a link
      • view other users' posts
      • comment on other users' posts
      • search content of posts and comments, by user or globally
  • service features:
    • access all non-private data via API to allow:
      • federation of multiple sites
      • use of data within any site

Brass Tacks